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Family Medicine Doctors

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Family Medicine Doctors for Germany

For our customer, facilities for outpatient health care private doctors practices located in Northern Germany in an attractive area with several port cities and many Portuguese living there, we are continuously looking for specialists for family medicine in Portugal.

As an employed doctor in the outpatient health care you would earn usually much better (between 20% and 200% more) than working for hospitals, at a 40-hour working week without performing additional night and weekend services.

On the other hand there is a possibility to purchase a practice (to get a full owner) or to become a partner in a bigger one practice. Due to the high number of doctors who are going to retire the conditions of practice acquisition are getting extremely favorable. As a practice owner or a copartner you have also regulated working time without additional shifts, at least a six-week paid vacation per year, while earning 20-25% more compared to a salaried doctor in the same area of specialization.

In cooperation with our clients, we also offer language courses for candidates, who don´t speak German on a B2-level yet.

For our customers we are looking for

Family doctors

Who would like to live and work in Germany in an area with similar maritime flair as in the home country.

• EU-University Degree in Medicine
• Specialist title for family medicine
• B2-level in German language or al lest B1-level and willingness to learn German
• Willingness to move to Germany

We offer you:
• Attractive future as a doctor in the outpatient health care in Germany
• Very good earning opportunities
• German language courses (under certain conditions)
• Working places in an attractive regions with atmosphere

Your advantages:
• Our services are free of charge for candidates
• We advice you in selecting the most suitable job for you from our offer
• We support you with all formalities required in order to be allowed to work in Germany as a doctor (attainment of the doctor´s permission “Approbation”, recognition of the specialization etc.)
• We accompany you throughout the whole application and integration process in Germany
• We help you with the apartment search at the new place of residence

We are an international recruitment company located in Germany. We are recruiting qualified experts, especially doctors and IT-specialists from many EU countries, who would like to be placed in Germany.

We are looking forward to your CV.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail or at the following tel. number: +49 2204 7050001

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